Thoughts and Moments from Royal Shaadi!

If only Lady Diana were around…she’d be so proud to see her son take a wife.

He didn’t look at her until she walked up to the altar after which he looked to her and said, “You look beautiful!” And then he shared a light joke with his father-in-law to be, "Just a small family affair," the Prince said.

Loved Kate’s dress. The lace, the elegance, the veil and tiara; perfect. She looks like the princess she will be.

Strange are the ways of life. Kate awoke a “commoner” but will fall asleep: a duchess, a baroness, a countess, a princess.

Love the way he looks at her. Really does show his love for her. And they looked into each others eyes as they spoke their vows. L.O.V.E.

The girl is a rock star! She did he own make up and wowed!

Wow! So efficient and punctual the entire wedding was. 11:00 am sharp, she walked in the church door, as scheduled. Superb!

Loved how poised she was throughout. Loved how he kept stealing a moment as he admired his bride.

Beautiful vows!

Adored the iffy moment as he put on the ring — it was a tad bit too tight but he worked it!

I don't care if he's balding; he's really quite the Prince Charming!

The curtsies were amazing! First Camilla to The Queen, then post the marriage ceremony, Kate to The Queen. How majestic!

She got into the carriage and said, "I'm so happy!" God bless her!

They double-kissed! Normally palace protocol demands for a demure small peck. But Prince William is Princess Diana’s son. He knew the crowds weren’t satisfied and quickly egged on his new wife for another smacker. How cute!

How awesome were the siblings? All three of them were great - so supportive, happy and perfectly happy basking in the glory of their elder sibs.

In fact, I really believe young Pippa, Kate's sister and Prince Harry would be lovely together. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun anyone?

And then, he rode out in his father’s convertible for a quick whiz around the block with the missus. Charming!

As if her bridal gown wasn't beautiful, her dinner gown was just as regal. White, simple, elegant with a pretty shrug to complete it. She really is quite beautiful!

Quick shout out to Kate's parents who I thought fit in so well. Wouldn't have known they were "commoners".

The queen shed a tear! Called the wedding amazing. Grandmother after all.

Prince William saw her last after a cutesy Prince Harry gave him the cue, "She's here now.

The something old: her tiara from the queen; something blue: a blue ribbon was sewn into the dress; something new: her earrings from her parents.

And when she got up on the balcony for the kiss, she exclaimed, "Oh wow!" As she walked off, she looked back to take it all in. Perfect.

You could see and feel the love. God bless them both!

April 29th, 2011
Photo Credit: People Magazine

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