App Choice: DropBox

I decided to choose DropBox as my app to experiment with and basically, I’ve decided it’s an app I’d like to hold on to. The idea of sharing work has always been a pain especially on days when email doesn’t seem to cooperate or when big documents need to be transferred. Using DropBox is a great alternate way. The idea is simple. It works as remote file that can be accessed by all those who have admission to use DropBox. I had heard of it earlier when my High School Prom team decided to put together a reunion book. We needed a place where we could accumulate all our files, ideas and spreadsheets. While we researched for such an app, we found and thought about DropBox. However, the reunion idea fell through and thus, we dropped DropBox completely.

However, I decided to experiment with it. I asked a friend to share files with me via DropBox and what we found was an easy alternative to emailing nonstop. It works as a hub or central base where files can be stored. Some advantages include 2GB of space which increases as you add more people to be a part of your “family”. It is a secure place to store confidential files too since it uses the internet but uses your computer as its central storage space.  Thus, eliminating the lack of privacy issue that most people get weary about.

It has a number of features which make it easy to use, secure, utilize the space correctly and maintain your work in a single place where it can be updated and saved. Overall, a great app which really should be used by all writers for various reasons.

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