RSS Feeds vs. Social Media as News Outlets

In response to: How the social evolution has altered my FIR news-gathering process

I totally agree. In fact, I have my RSS feeds hooked up to my email and phone but just the other day, I found myself deleting all my RSS feeds off my phone. The more we use the Social Media, the more useful and perhaps, even easier it becomes to find new information and sometimes even unknown news.

A lot of the time, I find myself finding out about news courtesy of Facebook and Twitter which I use daily. And if you connect with like-minded people, you will often find that they realize that you are a lot like them and thus, will throw news your way. With Facebook of course, you have the option to join groups and so on. This allows you to get information that is pertinent solely to what you like.

However, I will say this. RSS Feeds provide you the option to store and save news that Social Media is unable to do. It works like a database too as it doesn't delete your feeds.

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