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So by now everyone knows how fanatical I am about films. Hindi films especially. Since childhood, I’ve breathed, lived and loved Hindi movies. In fact, growing up away from India, it was the one thing that kept me feeling close to home. When I eventually decided that I wanted to mesh two of my greatest passions together, writing and films, it didn’t shock anyone. Everyone knew I wanted more than anything, to somehow get involved in the world of Hindi films. But the struggle was simple: how do I get involved with little to no experience behind me?

One evening, I was reading a review for a film that was pretty much ousted by every Indian critic, but one. I quickly looked her up on Facebook, hit send message and found myself letting her know that I was intrigued by her understanding of the film which clearly a number of critics failed to comprehend. Very quickly, she informed me that the site she reviewed for were looking for, was looking for new writers. Needless to say I jumped on board and over only a few months, I was promoted to Assistant Editor. Not only did I gain a job but a new friend. Encounter Numero Uno.

While working for the site, I found myself always brainstorming for new ideas and columns to introduce. It was then that I realized the need to welcome new actors into the industry. The idea was pitched, loved and off I went to scout for actors who were considered newbies in the industry. Realizing that most of these newbies had no representation, I quickly took the Social Media route. A few Facebook messages later, I found myself interviewing an actor whose film had basically been declared a dud at the box office. My review of the film, called him “lanky” and “lacking acting talent”. But who reads reviews by small time critics? No one right? Negative. The actor quickly called me out but did agree to an interview. Today, he happens to be one of my closest friends and is always scouting for new ideas, interviews and opportunities for me. Encounter Numero Dos.

Very recently, I was browsing through Facebook, when I came upon some extraordinary photos of a friend. She informed me that a close friend of hers had clicked them. Captivated by the photographer’s talent, I found myself being introduced to her. As we chatted via Facebook chat, we both realized that her aunt happened to be one of my closest friends. A few weeks later, she messaged me with a favor. “I can click photos but write, I cannot. Can you please write me a bio?” Of course, I would! In return, she agreed to add a link to my blog. Deal! Her response, “See! Social Media at its best!” Encounter Numero Tres.

So why an entire blog post dedicated to my personal encounters? Well, for the most part, Social Media is often looked at with skeptical eyes. Yes, it does have its downfall and shady sides. But in all honesty, if you are safe with the information you initially disclose, you can find yourself utilizing all forms of Social Media correctly and thus, you will be able to fully bask in the glory that is Social Media. After a few years of Facebooking and Tweeting, I can now officially swear by these portals of Social Media. Instead of waiting around for person XYZ to introduce you to a person who could help you in 123 ways, it’s always easier to wear your battle shoes and do it yourself. The image you portray of yourself is a lot more honest instead of the rather ambiguous one you would receive if you were introduced by a person. Thumbs up Social Media!

*Potential guest post for Professor Weiss' blog!

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