Brave Bloggers!

Facebook Comment “I love the idea of "Brave Blogging!" I'd like to think of myself as a brave blogger but I think I have heaps of really good blogging to go before I can really get down to even being considered a Brave Blogger. It's always good to make a difference -- even if it does cause a revolution (hello Egypt)! But I agree with Ama. If it is possible at all, it would be fabulous to take writing to a different level and make a difference with it. It isn't easy; but possible!

I consider myself a slightly brave blogger. Back in October, I wrote a blog post about my community and how they tend to be rich, but incredibly selfish. It was something many in my community felt but no one dared to call a spade, a spade. I had been meaning to write this piece and after careful deliberation, I finally decided that the time had come. I researched all I had to very quickly, I found myself in the midst of a storm. Comments were thrown my way that attacked me, my writing skills, my family and even my integrity. My initial reaction was one of complete grief. Why had I been attacked this way? I didn’t say anything wrong, I believed. I posted the blog post on Facebook and people I considered friends came out to call me unbelievable names. It was a major shock. Very soon later, the blog post went viral. An email that was and still circulates reads, “This girl apparently is making headlines for her comments about Hong Kong Sindhis … Ouch!

It was then I realized what a brave act I had indulged in. It took guts to do what I did. I rocked the boat and to me, that meant having to let go of all inhibitions. Needless to say, the numbers on my blog are out the roof! Every day I look up the stats and find myself surprised at the number of readers who come out to read that one single post. I’ve turned a blind eye to all the comments that come my way because of the post. Yes, I did attack a specific group but I’ll never regret it. It was my bravest act and if I never do anything worthwhile in my life, I’ll always be proud of this one post.

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