Desi Girl Talks Cricket World Cup!

March 9th, 2011:
India vs. Netherlands 

See, I (as an Indian), have no khunas with the Dutch -- much like the Irish. So basically, I had no issues with how the match went. So um, I didn't watch the match. BUT that doesn't mean I didn't sit down and study the scorecard. The match was long winded especially for an India-Netherlands match. Overall, a yawn worthy match with India taking the points and winning. Woohoo!

With this, India moves higher up the table (they were up there anyway) with 7 points.

Next, India will play South Africa on March 9th in Nagpur. Hmm... I have old bones to pick with the South African team. As a school going girl, I remember watching India-South Africa games until late at night. The South Africans were one heckuva team. One Brian McMillan would give me nightmares with his bowling. *Shudder* Anyway, it is a case of slight revenge for all the times we've lost to them. Go get 'em India!

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