Kareena Need Not Be Size Zero

So after claiming that Kareena Kapoor would have to lose weight for her upcoming film with Imran Khan, producer Karan Johar has out to claim that this piece of news is negative. "I read about the LOOK that we've planned for Bebo when in fact we're still undecided. We're certainly not asking her to lose weight. Poor thing how much more weight will she lose?" he was caught stating when quizzed about the incident. But then again, why would he admit that he has actually asked Bebo to slim-on down even more than she already is! In the past, the director has been known for demanding pretty odd things from his stars so, one would be too surprised if he did have a conversation with Bebo about losing weight. However, he probably didn't expect the news to get into the media.

And in other news, the director himself, is busy writing a new script and has shift base to London until mid-August. Of course, he has best buddy Shah Rukh Khan to keep company as the actor is busy shooting for Ra.One.

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