63 Years; 63 Achievements

63. A natural number. Number of years that lasted the walking of Ram. The number of independent years India has accomplished. Of course, it is the last that is most pertaining to this post. Today, August 15th 2010, marks 63 years of Independence for India. That's a whole lot of independent years. However, it also means that we must quantify 64 accomplishments for every year of independence. If we can allocate an achievement for every year since 1947, only then will it be possible to claim that we have fully utilized our independence from the British.

1. Largest democracy in the world
2. World class education. IIM Ahmedabad is the toughest Management school to get into; ahead of Harvard
3. Best Dabbawalas in the world with an efficiency rating of 99.9999 percent
4. Largest milk production in the world
5. Largest railway system in the world
6. India recycles 60 percent of its plastic waste. The figures for Japan and China are 12 and 10 respectively
7. Largest postal system in the world
8. World's second largest labor force
9. Largest film industry in the world
10. Literacy rate is at a constant increase
11.With reformed health care, life expectancy has increased from 32 to 65 years
12. Built 1.25 million miles of new roads
13. Steel production has been multiplied by 50
14. Cement production has been increased by 20 times
15. India has a GDP of $ 2,375 billion, making it the fourth largest economy in the world
16. 2nd largest bicycle producer in the world
17. Untouchability is now (and finally) a criminal offense
18. Improved investment climate
19. High economic growth
20. A young population - 70% of the population is below 34
21. Indian foreign exchange reserve crossed $ 1 billion
22. Indian companies netted over Rs. 70000 cr. in exports when global economy was seething in 2002-03.
23. There are 16 companies whose exports net over Rs. 1000 cr.
24. 15 companies exports goods worth Rs. 500 cr.
25. 150 companies which earn over Rs.100 cr. in foreign exchange.
26. The FORBES list has included 18 Indian companies under its list
27. The country rose form 12th to 10th in dollar term between 2002-04
28. The economy of India has grown by more than 7% in the past two years
29. The per capita availability of grain and cloth is greater
30. Foreigners are coming to India for cheaper medical treatment
31. The gap in male female literacy rate has decreased from 24.84% in 1991 to 21.60 in 2001
32. Times Higher Education Supplement ranked the IIT's as 3rd in all Technological Universities of the world
33. Won Cricket World Cup in 1983
34. Won three wars against Pakistan
35. Abhinav Bindra won Gold Olympic Medal in 10m rifle shooting
36. Indian Hockey Team is ranked 9th in the world
37. Indian played Sania Nehwal is currently ranked 2nd
38. GM Vishwanathan Anand is the current World Chess Champion
39. Prakash Padukone triumphs at All England Badminton Championship in 1980
40. Rajyavardhan Rathore winning Olympic silver for Double Trap in 2004
41. Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi were the most dominant tennis pairs in the world
42. Narain Karthikeyan races in Formula 1 and puts India on the F1 map
43. Sania Mirza is also the first Indian woman to win immense accolades in international tennis
44. India's first Test series win overseas in 1971
45. India win Twenty20 in 2007
46. Rakesh Sharma became the first Indian to reach space in 1984
47. CV Raman: Awarded with Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on scattering of light
48. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar: Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1983
49. India sends first Indian moon probe, Chandrayaan-1 to moon
50. Possessor of India possesses nuclear weapons
51. First Miss Universe: Sushmita Sen in 1994
52. Kottayam, Kerala becomes first city to 100% literacy rate
53. Ahmedabad becomes first city to have an e-court
54. Elects first female President: Pratibha Patil
55. More than 62 universities engage in biotechnology training and education
56. India has indulged in strong roots of secularism
57. Immense progress in technology
58. Self sufficient in food
59. Strengthening of regional co-operation in foreign policy
60. Poverty is at a constant reduction
61. The availability of food grains per capita rose from 395 grams per day in 1950 to 466 grams in 1992
62. Sachin Tendulkar is the first player to score fifty centuries in all international cricket combined
63. A.R. Rahman becomes first Indian to receive two Oscar awards on an international platform

And this is 64 of numerous thousands of achievements that the country has achieved. However, this in no ways means that there is no room for improvement. In order to be really be fully considered a developed nation. I, personally, am completely blinded by the negativities and cons that India houses; to me the country has been through years of strife and always manages to bounce back. 64 years and rocking! I love you India! Jai Hind!

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