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Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar are topless in Zoya Akhtar's Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara! For the ladies and their admirers, i.e. moi, this is great news! It is rare that we see both actors and so seeing them sans shirts makes me go hubba-hubba-hubba! Abhay Deol, who is also starring in the film decided not to shed his shirt (wuss!) and so will be seen in a vest (read: boring!). I think it may be a slight complex that the no-pack Deol may feel  towards the many packed Roshan and Akhtar. Note to Abhay: We'll take you, topless or not!

In other news, my new best friend Paul the Octopus predicted Germany's win for third place which happened today. We all waiting patiently for the final for which the eight-legged creature has placed his legs around a Spain win. By the way, PETA has come out in defense of the Octopus and believes that he should be freed! Yes, animal rights activists are upset at the amount of publicity Paul is receiving. They claimed no animal should be confined to a tank and so on. Uh...where were they when he was unknown to the world?

And another piece of news that I found oh so fascinating was this one: Victoria Beckham is a Strict Mom. My initial reaction, "Uh huh." So I read on to find out that she has a punishment chair for the kids. Yes, if they do anything wrong they are sent to sit. On a chair. Oh the torture. I wonder if the chair is designer? Made of pure leather? You know what would be a better punishment? Perhaps if she made her kids listen to some of her music. And mind you, I'm a huge Spice Girls fan! I promise.

Sources: Mid-Day and Hindustan Times

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