I Speaketh!

In my mission to become a master of all trades, my most current addition to my list of media achievements is being a part of the new BollySpice Podcast: FilmiTalkies. It all pretty much happened overnight and before I knew it, I was co-hosting a weekly edition of this totally unique show that my friend Prathna Tiwari and I are thoroughly enjoying. So we were super nervous about our first edition. We both sat and down and bashed (not completely) Raavan along with giving out some pretty much news. The feedback: amazing. It's actually been quite fun! The idea of being an Radio Jockey and speaking a lot has fascinated me in the past; basically I'm living it now. But I'll say this: It's not as easy as it looks! And we realized this rather quickly. Its really easy to say, "Yes, we'll hone our craft and in no time we'll be great." Believe me, its not so easy. I have so much more respect for RJ's and their ilks. As a listener, you have to sense some connection with the RJ and sometimes, that is the hardest part. I hope we've managed to create that connection. You also have to be tough-skinned enough to hear some pretty terribly remarks about what you say. People will disagree, call you names and if you diss out their favorite stars, the God only help you! Been there, done that. Check out our second episode as we describe our non-approval of the much awaited I Hate Luv Storys. Yes, we received much flack but hey, love us or hate us, you cant ignore us!

FilmiTalkies is really an experience in 30 minutes. A fun one that too. In the future, we are hoping to get some fun people to chat with - film related of course. And also hoping that we gain more viewers. You should take a quick listen. And drop me a line! I wanna know your opinion. Did we suck? or are you intrigied by our knowledge for Hindi cinema. Whatever it is, tell me! This week we take a completely different route from the usual and we discuss Leading Ladies we miss as well as recast some of the most popular (and over rated) Hollywood films with Bollywood stars.

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