Psychic Paul Predicts!

So what's is the deal with Paul the Octopus? He has to by far be the most popular octopus on this planet! He's received death threats, wants to be eaten and so on. So everyone has been wondering as to who the psychic octopus would predict as the winner of this year's FIFA. He has spoken! If the octopus is to be believed, it will be none other than Spain who will take home the cup this year. And if he is correct this time around, he would have been 100 percent correct with his predictions this time around.

Oh and in case you're wondering who he's picked for third place, the eight-legged creature has put his legs around Germany - literally. On a side note, I am really in the mood for some calamari. Eeks!

And talking about this year's FIFA, the Vuvuzela, which has gained much musical attention since the football (soocer depending where in the world you are) has been banned in the UAE. Erm...yeah. It apparently damages your hearing. One hoot or toot of the Vuvuzela apparently gives off 127 decibels of sound. That's pretty damn loud. So basically don't take a Vuvuzela back to the UAE, it will get confiscated. Watcha say?

Sources: Mid-Day and CMR

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