Kareena Kapoor Wants Nothing But the Best!

So Kareena Kapoor is Madhur Bandarkar's next muse. She will star in his next offering, Heroine and of course in true Bebo style, she will be the one and only heroine. But the film also demands five actors who will depict the best in the industry. And for these roles, Bebo has literally demanded that the director take on five mainstream popular A-listed stars, i.e. no small timers.

Who could this possibly be? Well who else but some Khans ala Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh and Saif Ali, and a prominent Kumar being Akshay, who all happen to be good friends with the actress. Apparently, Bebo is banking on Heroine to grab her that National Award which she believes she deserves after so many years in the industry.

Watch this space as I fill in the blanks and let you know which actors finally play the leading heroes in Heroine!

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