Kapoor Khandan Update

Check it out. Apparently, after basking in the success of Slumdog Millionaire. Of course you are, Slumdog is plain boring now. Come to think of it, I never really understood why there was so much hoopla over it anyway. Read: boring and over rated.

Oh and another Kapoor close to Anil, Sonam that is, has rejected her co-stars, Abhay, Imran and Ranbir as potential life partners. She may be a fashionista but the actress is not afraid to let her co-stars know that they really don't fit the bill. "I would never date a guy who works in films like me. We would then end up discussing movies most of the time and that would get boring eventually. Also, if he works in films, he would remind me of my dad!" she was heard saying.

And when it came to her co-stars, she went on to claim, "They are not my kind. I want someone who is intelligent and caring." Wow. Is she implying that the likes of Abhay, Imran and Ranbir are not smart or sweet?

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Anurag said...

I too had the same opinion about slumdog.
its interesting to know the thoughts of miss kapoor.


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