How on earth some people, i.e. Chris Nolan, director of Inception, come up with such an ambitious, innovative, smart, creative, enticing, gripping, intelligent ideas from is beyond me. Yes, it did require all those adjectives. After walking out of the cinema, I couldn't stop thinking and of course, make sense of a film that really has you puzzled. Ask me what its about and I really wouldn't be able to tell you. But it really is a Dream com true, pun intended. Inception is the kind of film from which every member in the audience comes out with a different understanding. That Leonardo Di Caprio and Chris Nolan are fantastic in their own areas of film, is a known fact; with Inception they only further prove that filmmaking is more than just an art.

Without spoiling the film, because it really is a MUST WATCH, Inception makes you think about your subconscious and what emotions lurk down there. More recently, I myself have been trying to bury issues that are now coming to the surface because my subconscious could not hold on to them anymore. We often repress emotions, situations and burdens that we don't want to deal with. Where do they lie? In your subconscious. For the most part, they lie there dormant but I don't think they can live there forever. Ultimately, you have to face those demons and clear your subconscious. What was most interesting is how your conscious holds your deepest darkest secrets to the extent that if you are an influential person, they could be extracted or manipulated. Fascinating!

Not a lot of people pay close attention to their dreams and according to Nolan, we have different layers to our dreams too. But how can you separate between reality and dreams? Whose to say we all aren't in one long dream -- in the last layer, put in a limbo which is impossible to get out of. But then, that layer is where you can make your own world, your own dream, your own life. And if that is true, then you know for sure that this is nothing close to a sweet dream; not my kinda dream anyway.

And lastly, if I had to have a totem, mine would be a small music box that played in reality but not in my lucid dreams. Come to think of it, I want one now!

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