I Dhon(i) Care!

What is the big damn deal with Mahendra Singh Dhoni getting married? For starters, he has an attitude up his a$$ which is beyond me. Yes, you are one of India's most successful captains but that doesn't explain the extra attention he seems to getting regarding his shaadi. Buddies John Abraham and Bipasha Basu too got dragged into the entire hoopla when the media claimed that they would be hosting a party for the new wedded couple. Bipasha later rubbished the news. 

So the bride is apparently his school friend who erm, somehow is seven years or so younger to him. Er...that doesn't make them school friends technically. But okay, if you say so. And in case you need a reminder, Dhoni has been linked to numerous ladies including Deepika Padukone. But in the end, he had to settle for a nice simple girl and badda-bing, they were wed literally overnight. 

Our advice to Sakshi Mahendra Singh Dhoni is simple: get used to being under keen eye of the camera. Yes, they catch everything. Check out her rock and her unmanicured fingers (ew!). There is never an excuse for undone nails which are painted bright red. 

That said, congrats on the wedding Dhoni but I'm tired of seeing his wedding pics. Yawn.

Source: Mid-Day

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