Shammi Kapoor is Back!

I am so so so excited! One of my favorite 60's actors, the legendary Shammi Kapoor is set to make a comeback! Courtesy of my father, who is Shammi Kapoor's most ardent fan, I grew up watching almost all Kapoor's films. He will forever me the ultimate rockstar who could rock any look, any dance move, any film. And he is back! Shammi Saab has been confined to his wheelchair for many years now but all it took was Imitiaz Ali and his new leading man Ranbir Kapoor (Shammi Saab's grandnephew) to approach the dancing star and convince him to guest star in Ali's upcoming film Rockstar! Check out this Hindustan Times article where he talks about his lineage of work, abusing his health, Ranbir Kapoor and on his comeback.

Okay on a side note, the FIFA final is underway (I'm doing a quick update at half-time) and while the score is 0:0 (more cards than shots on goals. Grr..) I am predicting a better second half. But more than anything, I'm curious to see if my new buddy, Paul the Octopus' prediction becomes a reality. By the way, the Spanish have claimed that IF (and only if) Spain wins the title, they would like to adopt Paul and christen him, Pablo. Right. I think this whole Paul the Psychic Octopus thing has gotten way outta hand. In fact so much so that I read something about other animals in other parts of the world too that are headed the psychic way. I think their owners are forcefully making them "predict" rather. But there is only one Paul, I guess. Okay looking for ways to eat Octopus? The demand for octopus has definitely increased courtesy of Paul. Check out  Mid-Day's yummy ideas!

In the meantime, Waka Waka folks!

Sources: Mid-Day and Hindustan Times

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