Oh Asia, How You Rock!

Alright, its pretty much public knowledge now that I am not a USA fan. The country just doesn't work for me in any way shape and form. I prefer the Asia and its efficient (and not) way of functioning. I love the chaos that is Asia. And just to clarify, it isn't as though the U.S. is the most efficiently run country; it is far from that believe me. Today I realized more than ever how much I miss the east. And thus, this post is dedicated to Amazing Asia and what I love most about it.

  • Hawker Food: Whether its India or Hong Kong or even Singapore, roadside food is simply amazing. From dosas to chung-fun and satays, they all know how to do complete justice to the tongue and stomach. Yes, they probably are filled with a number of wild bacteria and yes, the likelihood of suffering the next day is most probable, but who can resist it?

  • Public Transport: I miss being able to hail a cab on the street or even hoping onto the ultra efficient MTR in Hong Kong. Yes, traffic is a real issue in most Asian countries but hello, when you have the autorickshaw at your disposal in India and the uber awesome trains in Hong Kong, who cares about traffic.

  • The People: Oh how much I miss the people in Asia. Hong Kongers are simply fantastic. Amidst their crazy lives, they never fail to entertain. The same goes for Mumbaikars. You know you're always up for a good time with the locals.

  • Its Cheaper: In so many ways Asia is cheaper and better too. And its not just the living costs; its the food and shopping (YAY!) which is more reasonable and easier on pocket too.

  • Street Shopping: Hong Kong has designer labels, fake of course, available at your disposal on the street. And if you go to Mumbai, Fashion Street does the same. You want Prada and L.V., all you have to do is look to the streets, you will find it. The best part? Wear and throw!

  • Cricket: Asia is one continent that truly appreciates the great sport of Cricket. It saddens me that such a legendary sport that Americans will never understand. Sadly they will never ever know greats like Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar.

  • The Nightlife: The Asian nightlife is beyond fun. Not only do the clubs shut down when the sun rises but when one party ends, another one is just beginning. It is perhaps the only continent where one can party, eat breakfast and pretty much get back to partying again.

  • Cinema: Granted Hollywood is pretty cool but Bollywood and even Chinese films are pretty damn awesome. Of course, I'd pick a Hindi flick over any other one, but hey thats just me. However, Asian films are as entertaining, they just don't get enough recognition unfortunately.

  • The Weather: The tropics is the place to be; its pretty much summer all around baby! This also means that your wardrobe is allowed to be filled with pretty summer dresses! The equator has seriously the best weather.

  • Scents: No where else in the world will you be able to smell phinal and actually love it except Mumbai airport. I have a strong and amazing connection with that one scent which literally drives my senses wild. I am reminded that I am home.
I could go on and on and on, but I should stop before I start tearing. While the world is getting smaller and we manage to get most things I miss in the U.S., it still doesnt have the same vibe or emotion that is associated with perhaps one of the most amazing continents in the world. I love you Asia!!!!


ani_aset said...

wow such a lovely list :) truly asia is awesome and so is mumbai

Sbalani said...

I hate to rain on such passion for Asia, but I wish I shared your sentiment. I suppose you could call me a European thoroughbred or I just look at these aspects of asia thru green eyes, as my present asian location has little to offer in what you have mentioned :(, and much of what you have said is true to the European continent (you wanna party 24/7 Europe is deff a place to be ;), Espana, Grece, UK, Italy and yes even them Frenchies.

Although much of what u have said about America is true. Yes Asia does appreciate cricket...except the far east, they're a little more basketball oriented. However the american sports - Baseball and Handegg(Known as american football) can be considered poor imitations of their counterparts

Cinema: cant discuss with u there, Japanese, Chinese and Bollywood cinema ROCK!....Pity I dont get much of any in the Phills -.-

Weather: this all year round summer heat is driving me nuts, gimme 4 seasons anytime!

Street shopping: again true there, although in this case brought over from the old continent ;) How I miss the british high street

Cheaper: you win there....except in the philippines...


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