10 Reasons Being Sindhi Rocks! (In my opinion anyway!)

Happy Chetti Chand Fellow Sindhis! And for those who don't know, Chetti Chand marks the Sindhi New Year and also celebrates the birthday of Jhulelal, the Patron Saint to Sindhis. I blogged last year about the pretty awesome story behind Jhulelal (look here). But today more than ever, I realized how much I love being Sindhi. This morning, I woke up to this quote, "Some people spend their entire lives trying to be intelligent; others are simply born Sindhi." Of course, that is simply one of many pro-Sindhi proverbs; my favorite being: "If you're dating a Sindhi, raise your glass. If not, raise your standards!" Sadly, there are a number of false conceptions that follow us too. It is said, and wrongly might I add, that if you are asked to choose between saving a Sindhi or a snake, you choose a snake. To which I would simply like to roll my eyes and say a big fat WHATEVER.

Back to being a proud Sindhi. It really does rock to be Sindhi for a number of reasons really and thus, on the auspicious occasion of Chetti Chand, I am counting down the top 10 reasons why being Sindhi rocks!

10. Sindhi's have no land, no state and no place to call our own. Post the partition, we were asked to "leave" Sindh which is and was located in Pakistan. So what do we do? We go ahead and take on the world. I would put my top dollar and bet that you would find a Sindhi in any country, city, state, nook and cranny of the world. Citizens of the world; that's who we are.

9. We have the most amazing food on earth. Sindhi curry is beyond delightful especially with boondi mithai. My mouth is watering as we speak. But seriously, a great Sindhi meal is always scrumptious ranging from sai-bhaji to lolis and rice taini. *tummy rumbles*

8. We own -Ani's. Yes, you can spot us simply from our last name. And the best part is we love having an -Ani at the end of our last names! In fact that mere fact has history in itself. It is said that the last three letter, ANI, are actually a variant of the tribe we are from. But the best part is all you need to do is look at our last name and badda-bing, you'd spot us!

7. How connected are we? You can always count on a Sindhi to know someone who knows someone who is related to another. And what rocks about this fact is that we can track down anyone who goes missing OR if you need to inquire about a potential brides or grooms; Sindhis rock at being detectives.

6. Big Fat Sindhi weddings are really the most fun and enjoyable. Besides the mere obvious, great food and overflowing alcohol, our fancy shin-dings also incorporate dancing and if you're lucky a great popular singer manages to grace the stage.

5. Becauase Abhishek Bachchan too realizes we rock and wished his Sindhi pals a very Happy Chetti Chand on Twitter!

4. Because despite being a so-called "dying culture" we have still managed to stay united and keep our heritage together as much as possible. This too without a state to call our own.

3. Listen, all the music in the world may be amazing but Sindhi laada's have a place of their own. And they are used for shaadi's and whenever we find an occasion to sing in Sindhi, we are there!

2. And because we were unfairly not included in the Phir Mile Sur video, hello we are Indians, so we created a bit of a ruckus on Facebook. Yeah, we're still not a part of the video but hey, at least we tried!

1. And lastly, because no matter what, we never lose our Sindhi pride. We stand tall, proud and united.

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ani_aset said...

I'm "Ani" but it just isnt in my last three letters of surname. nice list you got there :) i got some real nice sindhi friends :) lovely people


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