From a Niece, to her Uncle

2010 has begun on a pretty rotten note for me. And the last week has been extremely painful in many ways. While a computer virus attacked my laptop quickly sending it to the shop for clearing (damn you, BlazeFind) and a canker sore finding its way into the back of my mouth (thank you major stress). However, amidst the excruciating pain, I managed to find solace in a few hours which have turned out to be the most amazing and fulfilling of 2010 thus far. I know I've repeatedly said that I have been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some amazing men: my father, grandfather, brother and my uncle. It is the latter who helped made January 11th, 9:30 pm to January 12th, 1:00 pm my favorite period of the year until now. I think i was seeing my uncle after five or six years and while we will never publicly admit it, I know and he knows, that we are each others favorites. I am his number one niece and he, my ace uncle. So he arrived on a private jet and rolled into the small city (or village if you see it from my pessimist eyes) of Fremont in true baller style in a stretch limo equipped with a full bar and a uniformed driver. As I ran down the four flights of stairs to greet him, a wave of emotions ran through me. I remembered half a dozen moments which made me want to cry and laugh, smile and sigh. As I opened the door to the entrance, I saw my uncle and he looked just as I had last seen him: tall, strong, pot-bellied and yet, his personality shone through it all. He screamed his trademark, "Rosh-ney!" as I ran to hug him. His driver followed us as we walked up the stairs saying different remarks, "You've lost weight!" he told me. "You still look the same!" I replied. He entered the house and immediately tears flowed from my moms eyes as she met her brother after what seemed like a decade.

He sat on the couch and knowing that I only had just over 12 hours with him, I plonked myself next to him ready to take in all his knowledge and advice he would offer in that time frame. He immediately spoke about his time in Vegas, his incredibly penthouse and butler. But all I could think about is how happy I was my uncle was here. Good or bad, positive or negative, rules for life, love and work, I was willing to suck it all in and use this information to make 2010 the best year ever. And after some small talk, he began. Most people find my uncle's banter boring, unnecessary and even irritating, I actually consider him one of the most experienced and knowledgeable man on earth. He never fails to enlighten and inspire me with words of "Ashokisms" that not only make you go DUH! but you can totally implement into everyday life.

In the past, he has reassured me of many accomplishments and inspired me to get up and smell the coffee. It was he who said to me one day during a conversation, "Never Underestimate Yourself." It was during that time that I was in a overdrawn lethargic period. The next time he reminded me that my work was not going unseen, "You didn't just open a door...but a door and windows!" And I was determined to make the most of it almost immediately. And lastly, when I feel like he has forgotten me amidst his crazy hectic life, he messages me to remind me, "Nobodys ever going to forget you! "

This time, his message to me was loud and clear: follow your dreams; look ahead and not behind; be afraid to admit to your mistakes; and when there is a problem, go ahead and talk it out. In a mere few hours, I was repeatedly told to go and live it up. He approved of my choice of career, approved of my work thus far and most importantly said to me, "You know what you're doing."

But its not his approval that I need. Its his mere presence that makes a difference in my life. I know for a fact that he would never give me wrong advice nor would he ever see me fail. It is him who would say to me, spread your wings and fly which I will but this post is dedicated to a man who knows it all and yet is humble. He lets his experience talk and wisdom show; shines through his persona and makes you feel like you know absolutely nothing but are filled with logical knowledge which you think you know, but you really don't.

To my favorite Uncle, You are and will always be the only man who truly sees me for who I am. You are my hero! I love you!

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