Eat Up Ego!

I've been feeling rather low about myself lately. And if you know me well, you'll know how odd and strange that really is. I walk to a beat of my own and irrespective of my past errors, I still manage to walk with my head up high; confident and ambitious. However recent events (courtesy of my own lame incorrect wrong choices) have take my self-esteem to an all-time low. And so, to help myself -- because ain't nobody gonna help you, I have decided to feed my ego and soul with a post that talks about all my accomplishments and things that make me feel gooey inside. No explanations; just a simple comprehensive list in no particular order. Here we go.

India. Diwali. The Indian flag. Writing. Chicken biryani. The sun. Filmfare. Bollywood. My blog. Roshni Magazine. ELLE India. BollySpice. Old photos. Daddy. Dim Sum. Sleep. Walking on the beach. Books. Dancing. Marine Drive. The rain. Dupattas. Hong Kong. Dogs. Pandas. My laptop. Kabir the poet. Shayari. Sushmita Sen. My Blackberry. Amul Butter Ads. Lord Ganesh. Cupcakes. Rock N Roll. The Taj Mahal. Mumbai. Roshni. Finding my name in Hindi songs. Lemons and Lime. My red i-pod. Om. Aries. Shoes. Skylines. Music. Diamonds. Mehendi. Sex in the City reruns. Reality TV. Hanging Gardens. Diyas. Notebooks. Long drives. Ice cream. Jokes. Laughter. Hugs. Chocolates. Mirinda. Walking on Autumn leaves. Kheer. Ambition. Home Videos. Good shoes. Groomed eyebrows. Red. Earrings. Emails. Photoshoots. Hindi. Travelling. 3. And being me.

I could go on but wouldnt want my ego to overeat. Food in all forms must be eaten in moderation. Even if its for your ego.


Nipun said...

*Bows Down*
That last is just awesome.
A great flow in writing.
That was a really long list.
Cool work once again..



sh..... said...

Nice!! I guess all does feed their soul and to keep it alive!!

I guess i am becoming a fan of your writings... the way you out them across!!

Happy New year to you..


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