Add 1 to 2009 = 2010

2009 was a washout. Okay, it was a mixed year. Boring on a social level but extremely beneficial on a work level. I reached ultimate highs and managed to touch the lowest of all lows. But should I have expected that? Check out my great numerological math. Supposedly factor of three (3,6,9,12 and so on) are lucky for me. 2009: 2+0+0+9 = 11; 1+1=2 and I turned 26; 2+6= 8. Basically factors of 2. Numerologically, 2009 was not meant to be much of a year and towards the end of the year, it really did manage to challenge me and slap me across the face pretty damn hard. Anyway, the year is over and all in the past. A new year always means new beginnings and I have a gut feeling 2010 is going to be my year. And numerologically, it works too. 2010: 2+0+1+0= 3 (YAY! factor of 3) and this year I turn 27: 2+7= 9 -- yet another factor of 3! Alright this is all superstitious banter but I do hope it does happen.

I bought it 2010 rather quietly but that didnt really bother me. I'm used to quiet New Years Eves. Its become a part of my life now. I just hope I have a quiet productive 2010 with no unnecessary hungama. And that is all I really ask for along with successes in my personal and professional life. I dont think that is TOO much to ask it now?

This year:
Chase a dream, Walk along a stream,
Laugh out loud, Whistle a tune,
Whisper a promise, Cherish a memory,
Lend a helping hand,
Wipe a tear, Never fear.
And live it up! Happy 2010!


Nipun said...

Numerology is really fun.
My bday is 19th Dec.
class roll number 19 again.
Room Numbr 19
Brnch Code 10
College code 01..
May this year bring u all the happiness u desire. Reach the top and keep writing.
Following u from a long tym..


webchetan said...

Hi Roshni! Happy New Year to you! Hope you had a good one! Hey I don't see you on twitter anymore? What happen? I was abt to send you a message and you don't exist! Hope all's good at your end...Have fun! Oh the numerology, awesome! :)

Quixotic said...

Nice space.. optimistism is something you want around.Even if it comes through superstitious ways :)

Sbalani said...

Well! This just makes searching for your articles much easier! I'll add you to my feed :)


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