No Hate SRK

I am NOT a Shah Rukh Khan hater! Phew! Over the last week or so, I've been putting up links to what various people have said regarding the SRK Detention situ along with my five pence worth of input. However, this has led some people to believe that I dislike the actor-superstar. Not at all! SRK is pretty cool for the most part -- I liked him in Swades, Veer Zaara and Chak De India! I'm not fond of him in over the top roles like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and the likes of that, but hey! He sells just as much as sex does. So once again, I am not a hater but then again, I ain't no SRK patriot either. Talented and hardworking for sure -- there is no denying that. SRK not only pulls in crowds by the millions but manages to keep them on their toes at shoes and events too.

A friend recently said to me she wasn't an SRK fan until she met him. Apparently he is one of the most charismatic men who quickly attracts you and makes you a fan for life. Perhaps I need to meet him to become a die-hard fan. Until then, SRK can attempt to impress me with his gimmicks -- oh sorry, SRK doesn't need gimmicks. Fine then, he can attempt to impress me with his massive acting talent and some better intelligent roles.

But like I said -- no hatred for this Khan. None at all.

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