Another Round of Banter

Uh oh! It's that time again. With lots on my mind, and heaps on my tongue to talk about, here I am once again ready to spill my guts on troubling news that is bothering me. Interestingly, my father believes that I take my social responsibilities far too seriously which to me, means absolutely nothing until I can make a difference in the world. Anyhow, eventually I will make do my part to help change - yes, I am on the rant too. For now, you'll just have to deal with me going on and on about tidbits that are a cause for concern in my life. However, this round includes some interesting information too! It's not all bad and negative, I promise.

Oscar Watching
So in the past week or so, I've finally had time to catch up on watching some Oscar nominated flicks. The Reader was absolutely amazing! Kate Winslet was perfect - her accent, her behavior, all of it was so believable. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button too was incredible. I love the idea behind it. It had some underlying matter too which was interesting. Strangely, people believe aging is a pain but clearly if it were to work the opposite, it would be equally as hard if not harder. Brad Pitt was incredible. Okay, Dor was not nominated but I watched it again and I love it. Its such a simple story with an even better star cast who handled each sentiment so correctly. Nagesh Kukunoor at his best after Iqbal.

Preity Zinta Dissected
India Today, my favorite news publication, did a fabulous analysis of Preity Zinta's current state of mind. While the world is sitting and scratching their heads over her current relationship status with Ness Wadia, the duo confirmed their break-up when Wadia landed up in a tiff during an IPL match and Zinta chose to sit with the team in the dug out. The "relationship evaluation" bought up some interesting reasons as to why they probably aren't together anymore. From their social status', to Ness Wadia's mother, to Preity's try-hard behavior and Ness' unambitious behavior, and so on. Take a read - I guarantee you will be ultra entertained and informed.

Post 26/11
Headlines Today, my favorite news channel, went on to air to broadcast the changes that have NOT happened and were promised to the Mumbai police post 26/11. Politicians claimed, "How should we know?" And all poor Rahul Kanwal could do was ask question after question. And of course pissed me off. They were promised a range of new weapons and protection which have yet to be delivered. Where are they? The money has been allocated only for local politicians to claim that the file is lost. LOST? This is not the Middle-Ages but the computer age! Print another copy dammit! They better get on it and soon. It is simply not acceptable.

Aussie Attacks
Australia is notorious for its racism. In fact students from abroad, almost know for sure, they will be hit with racist remarks if they decide to go and study there. However, shouting a derogate remark is still acceptable but then physically beating up the students making them fight for their life, is not. A young Indian student was beaten with a screwdriver last week, and yesterday another was burnt to near death. The Australian government and police are shoving the case under the rug claiming that the students were at the "wrong place at the wrong time" and that Indian students make themselves "vulnerable" to such situations because they work at gas stations and all night stores to earn an extra penny.

I think the Australian Government better come up with a better excuse and better explanation for their extremely ignorant answers. Find the culprits and punish them dammit. As for myself, when I ain't sitting still and you better know it. Another letter to the Editor of the SCMP is on its way.

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