Change is Multicolored

The festival of color, Holi, has dawned upon us reminding that good will always prevail over evil and also that the season of Spring has arrived. Colors fly all over India, paper avatars of Holika are burnt and the country falls into a deep trance filled with rang and bhang. It is definitely one of the most celebrated color filled hol(i)days in India.

Good over evil. That is the lesson we are supposed to take away annually from the festival. It really does become hard to firstly, believe in the moral and secondly, apply it to modern day society and politics. India is surrounded by countries that are inherently fighting civil wars, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Our neighbors are not exactly realizing that good will triumph over evil making it a serious problem for India to live in peace. We also have our own politicians who have hidden agendas and are looking for ways to fill their pockets with money and power, not exactly good if you ask me. In the meantime they are forfeiting and sacrificing the future of the country. Amidst all this chaos, the vibrant colors of Holi are meant to show us that the future is bright? How so?

Not one to normally be a pessimist, I think contemporary Holi has taken a twist on how it is now being celebrated. Beyond the parties, galas and extravaganza's, Holi is a festival that tells us that it is the one day in the year that no color is different from another. In fact, when the colors mesh, it is impossible to point out the reds, yellows, blues and greens. It ultimately becomes one. So here we are fighting for freedom, but colors do not have that privilege.

The youth of India should stop seeing RED (stop signs) everywhere they go and perhaps look for GREEN (go signs). On the other hand, it would be nice if our politicians would look away from the BLACK (dirty money) and turn towards more WHITE (peace). Additionally, burning GREEN with envy is not helping their "complexions" figuratively and literally.

The color of change is multi-colored. No envious greens, no dirty blacks, no prohibiting reds and certainly no slow-down yellows. My favorite colors of Holi? Saffron, white and green.

As the late director Vincente Minnelli once said, "Color can do anything that black-and-white can,"...if not more, might I add.

Photo Credit: IndiaToday

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