Khan is King

Day after day, we are treated to reading punchlines from Shah Rukh Khan who takes quick jabs at Aamir, who, in turn does the same, followed by the non-stop feuds that SRK has with Salman Khan. While it's every Khan for himself, each of these Khans believe that they are kings, ace and rulers of the Hindi film industry. Ultimately, I have come to concur that they are not helping their individual reputations but instead, ruining it more so by talking about one another in a most derogative manner. The fans are bored, and the media have a hay day publicizing their vile comments. But question is, who is King Khan?

In my opinion, the throne belongs to Feroz Khan. I honestly believe that when he reads of all the Khans battling it out in the media and chuckles to himself. How can any of the contemporary Khans even believe they can match up to his grandeur or stature that he still exhibits? Till date the actor par excellence stands for style and modernity. In the past, his movies had been considered ahead of its time but the actor has never been one to toot his own horn. Ahem. I do hope the wannabe "King Khans" are listening. Known for helping co-stars, appreciating his subordinates and moreover Feroz Khan does not take cheap jabs at actors. Yes, he has had his share of controversial events regarding films, plots, scenes and songs. However, he has managed to come out on top and ever so graceful. This Khan is currently unwell however, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

From the newbies, I guess the only Khan that may take over the Khan regime is Imran Khan. This is merely due to the fact that he has right last name to help him. He still does need to prove himself as an actor if you ask me. I think that the only actor from the new lot who will actually make it huge, is Farhan Akhtar. The dude is a Rock Star and everyone knows the headbangers are the ones who bring in the crowds. Jokes apart, he is humble and so gracious. Too bad he doesn't have the last name which tends to reign supreme.

The Khans can continue to fight it out and continue to look silly if you ask me. Soon some other Khan (Saif, Fardeen and Zayed are all viable possibilities), will creep up behind them and steal their thunder. I'm waiting for that one. Until then, F.K, that's Feroz Khan to you, is bestowed with the honor of being deemed King Khan. K(h)an't say more than that.

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