"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust"

If life were a shape, it would definitely be a circle. We all begin and end at the same point going all the way around. The last few days have taught me that life and death is a reoccuring event in life. As humans we live in denial. We believe that our time hasn't come yet or will come but not now. And then before we know it, we lose someone who is close to our hearts. Death is a scary concept which is hard to accept and fathom. It can be the mere thought of our own demise or of a loved one. In the most ironic of ways, death is an unacceptable fact. And so is life. As people leave us behind, new ones join us and in the sorrow of loss, we find happiness in the birth of a new one. And thus, the circle of life continues for seasons and reasons which are at times unexplainable. So the vicious cycle continues; round and round.

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