No Remorse for Kosi

By Roshni Mulchandani

A few months ago, I wrote and complained about how the poverty stricken people of Bihar who reside near the Kosi River and were victims to the over flooding of the river. A quick reminder: The river embankment had broken, courtesy of a failed government system at the source in Nepal all the way down the border into India. This caused the river to crumble, crash and fall apart destroying crop, home and the death of many local farmers. Over four month later, the relief camps have closed up, packed up and headed home. Why? Their work is far from done. People are still homeless, sick and the backwater districts are still in shambles. Additionally, locals which make up children and women, have been left to deal with their grief alone in the bitter cold.

The government, local and national, have done nothing but decided to play the usual "blame game." They insist that the other should take responsibility. I am again so mad at the nonsense that is the current Indian government. It is simply unacceptable for the government to allow their own people to suffer in the cold. They have no homes and no intentions of fixing what they have clearly broken. With repair work backlogged, they really must get a move on to prevent such a catastrophe from reoccurring.

It is unfortunate and I really do hope that the Bihar government does finally pull it together and realize that they simply cannot behave in this manner. This is the first year that the local people are praying for no monsoon and that, has never happened before. Clearly, this shows the exasperation, desperation and helplessness of these people.

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