Crime Beat

By Roshni Mulchandani

How on earth can we expect our country to move on and be considered a cut above the rest when they simply refuse to behave that way? It's really sad that just today morning I blogged about how I am blinded by the beauty that is Indian, and today while watching the news, I see that a young group of girls were assaulted by a right-wing fanatical group. Quite honestly, this group could easily be compared to the Taliban as they too believe in Hindu scriptures and ideology. Believing is something else, but the manner in they feel the need to enforce it is right out disgusting. These girls were dragged out of a local club and thrown out for indecent clothing and drinking alcohol. They were pushed to the floor and beaten for the above reasons too.

Quite simply I was appalled. How dare anyone tell these girls what they deem as "indecent?" And furthermore, how dare they even touch these girls? Nowhere in the Hindu scriptures does it say that women are not equal to men. I was even more annoyed to hear that the police dilly-dallied as usual and did not make an appearance on the scene until many hours had passed. Makes me wonder, were they in on it too? The group also condemns the mixing of Hindu youth with different faiths. How is that even possible when India is one of the most secular nations in the world? these right-wing political groups need to be bought down immediately. Politicians are supposed to be helping the country to keep peace and civilization. They are obviously not doing this, so bring them down. There is no place in India for wretched politicians and their ill-doings.
If that wasn't enough, the girls were threatened and told IF they were seen in the vicinity again, there would be dire consequences. What kind of baseless and empty threat is that? I think this kind of useless behavior should be condemned and such men should be ousted effective now.

It is perfectly fine to follow your religion by the book, but do not impose that on others and certainly do not make it into a political group and feel that the Hindu public should be inclined to follow your rules. I do hope these repulsive men are caught and hung. I also do hope that these girls do not sit at home feeling scared. They must come out, get together in massive numbers and show these men what it is to be a woman. Beat them and give them a taste of their own medicine. We are a strong species and there is no place in our society for such foul behavior.

Another agonizing day in Indian history.

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