Celebrating Saffron, White and Green

By Roshni Mulchandani

Republic Day and Independence Day in India for me is a day to be proud of my country. Proud for many reasons. Firstly, I feel pride in my heart and soul for a country that managed to free itself from the clutches of the British empire with grace and dignity. Secondly, because in the last few years, they have managed to create a demand in the world for itself in many ways. Despite what has happened in the last year in the city of Mumbai, the country woke up from the shock of those wretched 60 hours only to be stronger and wiser.

In ways more than one, I think I'm blinded because I refuse to see any bad or wrong in my country. People go on about the corruption, the politics, the danger and so on; but I refuse to see it that way. I see the beauty behind the above and minor defaults. I look at how the country has progressed. Every other country in the world wants a hand in our beautiful democracy. We have multitude of religions and cultures; the largest democracy in the world; the biggest entertainment in the world along with over a billion people residing on our land.

We believe in relationships. For us, we know the importance of family from the minute we are born. When we do anything big or small, large or tiny, we touch the feet of our parents to seek blessings in our endeavours. We believe our country is our mother, hence the name Bharat Mata (India-mother). We find solitude knowing that we can rely on the our family and country in our times of pain and happiness. We celebrate our lifes and country many days in a year in the form of festivals. We throw color, we eat sweets, we light lamps and fly kites.

So where is the bad? I don't see it at all. Maybe I'm blinded by shutters which horses way. But you know what? I love it that way. When I see the colors of my flag flying high, I feel pride and love in my heart for a country that will always fight for what is right. So, on this day that celebrates the introduction of our constitution of 60 years, I celebrate by asking for peace. We are a peaceful nation who does not want war. So celebrate the colors of peace, freedom and purity: The Indian Flag.
Jai Hind! Vande Mataram! Bharat Mata ki Jai!

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