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For the life of me I fail to understand or appreciate any kind of music outside the Bollywood arena. Okay, that’s not completely true but what makes me want to put an album on repeat is soul, deep lyrics and music that is haunting. So when fellow Sindhi (and buddy) Gaurav Jagwani asked me to take a quick listen and preview his first album The First Edition by his The Yellow Pages, I heard, loved and asked for the entire album to review. The Yellow Pages features nine tracks all which individually are unique from one another in style and execution. To be fair, the album is one for those who appreciate independent music and are open to new styles. As a first timer, I found myself…addicted!

What impressed me mucho was the individuality that the album exudes. Immediately, you’re sucked into a different world which forces you to ponder, smile and in the end, feel hope. So here’s what left me stumped by The Yellow Pages. For starters, the lyrics. Between Jagwani and Simran Talreja, (who also sings for a number of the tracks and has wowed me— but more about that later) they manage to pen songs that are simple and yet, effective. Whether it’s the simplicity in the opening track, Life is a Risk, the confusion behind Messed Up, the uncertainty in The Half Empty Full Glass or the immense hope that is Rise Up, they all seem to tell a story which is relatable to the listener.

And then there are the vocalists. Gaurav Jagwani and Simran Talreja are incredible. You are immediately taken aback by how well Talreja holds her songs together with her unique soulful voice. As a first time listener, you cannot help but be in complete awe of her voice. She is simply superb! Jagwani, who not only plays vocalist but guitarist too, emotes poignantly. Individually and solo, they strike a chord which is expressive. In the tracks where they join forces, you feel the chemistry while solo too, they equally as effective. Between  both of the vocalists, you are left asking for much more.

The Yellow Pages
Joining the acoustic duo are Suprateek Chatterjee (rhythm for Life is a Risk and lead guitarist for the rest of the tracks) and Vikas Munipalle (Percussion). Together and solo, they impress. Watch out for both Chatterjee and Munipalle in the opening track who manages to add depth and mystery to the opening track. Later on, Chatterjee features in The Half Empty Full Glass and Six.

Naturally, I’m slightly bias cause Jagwani happens to be a close bud, but even if I put aside our close friendship, I still walk away feeling wowed by the experience the album is. My only criticism is that the album in totality is only 30 minutes long. But that should hardly deter you from supporting The Yellow Pages and their first album. You’re in for a surprise and a treat, too.

My pick: Rise Up!

You can buy the album (digital only for now) and learn more about the band here.

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