TIME Mag Goes Booby!

Oh ma gawd, talk about serious hoopla over a magazine cover. Honestly, my initial reaction to this week’s Time Magazine cover was one of shock. Not because of its depiction but more so because I find it rather odd that any mother would pose in such a fashion for the camera. I’ve blogged about public breast feeding before and how it’s not a big deal per se but more sensationalized in America because Americans are such prudes. In Europe, it would have just been yet another day at the office. However, the whole idea of breast feeding until crazy ages of six years old is pushing it, in my opinion. And the reasons behind it are rather obscure, if you ask me. My mother didn’t breast feed me for long and trust me, I have a bond that is far deeper than I can even explain. I highly doubt that creating a mother-child bond has anything to do with breast feeding. What a load of bullocks! The one thing that everyone has an opinion about is parenting. All parents believe they’re the best ever and for the most part, that may be right in some ways. I believe my parents bought us up perfectly but they’re my parents so I’m biased naturally.

My worry is not the mother, who happens to be a model by the way, but the young 3-year-old. Did the mother, who is looking to claim Mother of the Year award clearly, sure as hell didn’t think about the repercussions of such a controversial magazine cover. And that too Time Magazine. This child will be ridiculed for the rest of his life courtesy of his model mother. So really, this “mother-child” bond will be flushed down the drain in a few years after he realizes his mother made a bloody mockery of him. And how many sick people are out there getting off on this picture? That may sounds incredibly small-minded of me but that is the sicko world we live in, no?

But there’s a high to this magazine cover. Check out the top right hand area of the cover: “God of Cricket” – it’s Sachin baby!


A.R.Ebhendra said...

Totally agree with you !

girish kohli said...

Its interesting...i won't comment on till what age is the right age to breast feed. But was Time's motive altruistic or was it just sensationalizing a worthy topic to pimp its sales.



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