Ten Day You Challenge: 9 Loves!

Choosing just nine of a million things I love was super hard. But somehow I managed to narrow it down. I mean I had to get rid of food (which would have made it to number ten) and dancing too. Le sigh. Okay well, here are my top nine loves.

1) My family – we’re dysfunctional but we work so well!
2) My favorite – <insert smiley emoticon here>
3) My friends – more recently, I’ve found myself some of the most amazing dosts who are awesome!
4) India/being Indian – I pray to god that in every life, I’m born Indian.
5) Bollywood – it may have given me unreal expectations about men and romance, but it runs through my veins.
6) Writing – it took me years to finally succumb to my passion and now I wonder what else I would do besides writing.
7) My name – I love finding my name in songs.
8) Music – Whether I’m happy or sad, music is always around to make it better.
9) Myself – I love me! Mein apni  (aur sabki) favorite hoon.

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