Ten Day You Challenge: 6 Places!

Picking six out of millions of places I’d like to go was so damn tough. BUT I did it. In a way I’ve been lucky to have parents who love/loved to travel so we’ve been to some pretty awesome countries. That said, there are a few countries they managed to miss and of course, one in particular which I beyond love.

6) Spain – As a family we’ve been to Spain a few times but then Tomatino Festival baby!
5) Turkey – Something about the bazaars and gaalis of Istanbul makes it super exciting.
4) South Africa – Who doesn’t want to go to Sun City?
3) Australia – I love Koala Bears and Kangaroos!
2) Paris – Romance, Eiffel Tower and pastries…aur kya chahiye?
1) India – While I love Bombay, I still need to venture out and see the rest of my country.

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