Ten Day You Challenge: 5 Foods!

I'm gonna slightly cheat here because it's unfair to name 5 of my favorite foods. C'mon how on earth do you expect me to name only FIVE? I live to eat. I wake up and plan my lunch and just before lunch, think about my evening chai by which time I crave for my dinner. So yeah, I cheated but only slightly. Instead of naming my favorite foods individually, here are some food "groups" that I lurveeee.Oh, and these are in no particular order.

Deserts - Desi, Chinese, Middle Eastern, American, I love 'em all!
Halwa Puri - It's my favorite comfort food in the world. And no, contrary to belief, I am not from Meerut.
Dim Sum - I grew up eating Dim Sum every Sunday. It's as good as home cooked food for me.
Sandwiches - There is nothing like a good yummy sandwich with extra cheese, mayo, mustard and some peppercinis.
Rasta Food - Hawker food is amazing no matter which part of the world you're in. That said, nothing beats rasta food in Bombay. Pani puris, sandwiches and a plate of pav bhaji. Ahhhhh, heaven!

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