Ton-Tana-Ton: Sachin Tendulkar

On days like this, I feel like such a proud Indian. Cricket makes the world go round—if you’re Indian that is. If you’re not, well then, you have no clue what you’re missing out on. When people tell me Cricket is ‘lame’ or ‘it’s a poor man’s baseball’, I fume with anger. Then I look to them, smile and say, “I have one name for you: Sachin Tendulkar.” Burn. The God of Cricket, whom I grown up looking up to for a number of reasons, has never failed to PWN his critics. More recently, they were on his back after he seemed to be having a rather lackluster few months on the pitch; they all believed he needed to throw in the towel and call it a day. The media went gung ho over his 100th century, which was just not happening for the Master Blaster. But we never heard Tendu utter a single word. As usual, being the true professional that he is, Sachin decided to let his bat speak. And amidst the intense pressure, it finally happened which forced his critics had to do the one thing we all knew they’d eventually do: eat their dirty words.

March 16, 2012. India vs. Bangladesh, Asia Cup.
Sachin Tendulkar scores his 100th hundred. I.e. 10,000 one ton runs. And if you think for a minute, that he’ll get a big head about it, trust me, he’s modest as he’ll ever be. If you managed to witness this historic moment, you were in for a delightful treat. Every single signature Sachin Tendulkar shot was played in this epic innings. And thus, it became the most beautiful innings to be played. At 99, our hearts stopped. We waited with abated breath. Then, it happened. I don’t know about anyone else, but I definitely choked up. I had just witnessed history in the making. It’s most likely that no other cricketer will ever go on to achieve such a monumental triumph. And the fact that it is Tendulkar just made this occasion that much more special.

The Master Blaster himself, who couldn’t understand why his 100th century was such a big deal especially since his 99th century occurred at the World Cup last year, simply looked to the sky, thanked the heavens and then pointed to his helmet. This was an achievement for the country. This is how he is, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar; just like this.
To his critics, all I want to say is: “Take that.” How anyone can even suggest that SRT is incapable, has lost his touch or is plain old, is blasphemy. There is a reason why he is the best cricketer on this planet, this is why. He doesn’t care what his so-called “critics” have to say. And neither do us, his fans.

As for Sachin, when he’s ready, he’ll call it quits. Who are we to tell The God that his time is up? Mere mortals, we are. We should just be grateful that we were able to witness a world class innings filled with elegance, style, passion and one that was a slap to everyone who believed he wouldn’t/couldn’t do it.

SRT, take a bow. I knew you’d eventually make that ton; I had no doubt. And I’m damn sure you’ll do it again. You may not consider yourself a god, but we sure as hell will bow to you. A hundred 100’s and beyond, you Legend you.

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