Must Watch: In Transit!

So you all know how I am really not one to promote anything. And if I do, then there really must be something rapchick, dhinchak about it, right? Exactly. So here I am requesting you, no, telling you to have a look-see at this promo for an indie film which is really creating quite a lot of waves. It happens to be the brainchild of my close friend Suniil Sadarangani who oozes talent in a number of ways. Based on a true life events, In Transit is about two people from completely different cultures and how their lives intertwine in L.A. It's been making its rounds at a number of film festivals around the world and trust me, it's absolutely fantastic. But enough gushing about it from me, take a look for yourself.

And after you're floored, go ahead and join the In Transit Facebook Page to get more details and updates about the film.

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