All Garam, No Sharam Awards: Bumbastic in 2011!

As Desis, we pay far more attention to boobies rather than butts. And I’m really not sure why. A hot hiney is equally as sexy, no? I mean on the dance floor, a gal who can shake it well, garners far more attention than any other girl. And since our actresses dance to all kinds of tunes on dance floors, hills, beaches and even trains, it only makes sense to honor the best bums in Bollywood this year. And where better but(t) at the “All Garam, No Sharam Awards” to pay a special thanks to our leading ladies who have been Bumbastic in 2011.

Special Mention: Sonam Kapoor
She may be uber stylish, but it is rather rare that anyone can actually sit and admire Sonam Kapoor for anything other than her fashionista ways (oh lord, Sonam fans are gonna kill me). However, there is one such moment where her backside really “shone”. While she made heads turn at Cannes 2011, it was her bootilicious white ensemble that made her otherwise invisible booty come to prominence. Perhaps her outfit gave her the boost she needed; either way she makes it to the list!

5. Zarine Khan
Zarine Khan did very little this year. It was her “Character Dheela” bum shaking that made audiences realize she did have some talent. Her already voluptuous body was enhanced further by her round booty which she shook and shook and shook some more. I guess she finally found something she’s good at. As long as it isn’t acting, we ain’t complaining. Even Sallu miyan had to take a look!
4. Jacqueline Fernandez
This Sri Lankan beauty has always had a killer body but we got a real peek into her “assets” in Murder 2. And she made tongues fall to the ground with her role as a sexy model. But throughout the film, we saw her perfect curvy hiney hang out from micro-shorts and figure tight dresses. Now the million dollar question is, why does Emraan Hashmi always get to hang out with the most bootlicious gals in B-town?

3. Kareena Kapoor
Back in the day, pre size zero days, Bebo had a booty that was perfect. In between, she lost her curvy hiney courtesy of unhealthy ways. However, Kareena Kapoor’s booty has made a beautiful comeback just in time to go pop-pop-pop. In Ra.One, we saw her shake her tushy with full swagger. It really is slightly criminal to have a backside like that.

2. Mallika Sherawat
Whether she’s Jalebi Bai or Razia, Mallika Sherawat never fails to jiggle that junk in her trunk. I’m always fascinated by how “round” her endowments are; irrespective of their position on her body. But back to her behind, it’s hardly a secret that she’s on this list. This year we saw her shake what her mama gave her as Jalebi Bai and then on the Cannes Red Carpet where she exposed her hiney via a sheer lace dress. Either way, you cannot escape her booty. You just cannot.

1. Mallaika Arora Khan
Even though our very own Munni didn’t dance too much this year, she was all over the place exhibiting her nearly perfect bonbon. But then again, Mallaika Arora Khan is hardly one to hide her “assets” from her fans who love it when she puts on a bootlicious jig. What separates her from any of the ladies above is the fact that she is a mommy and wife but she sure as hell can give any of them a run for their money. And might I add, this hiney is au naturelle.

How asstastic are these ladies? I almost feel like Bappi Lahiri should start crooning, "Oh ladki tu hai badi bombaat!" While he won't do that, you have to hand it to them for the bottom smacking hineys. Does it really surprise you that all our leading actors want to get close enough to hit that, no?

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Prateek said...

Haha! Perfect, I mean post. Booties booties everywhere but you never told who won the Ultimate Booty Award? :/


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