All Garam, No Sharam Awards: Bare Chested in 2011!

If yesterday was for the men, today is for my ladies. The “All Garam, No Sharam Awards” is all about display (get used to this word, you’re gonna see a lot of it). And while women have a lot to show off (boobs, booty, legs, midriffs, etc), men on the other hand have a lot less that can they can openly exhibit; for the most part, we have to use our imagination. But we all love our men only one way: shirtless. In 2011, quite a few of Bollywood’s leading actors took their shirts off (hubba-hubba) only for us to swoon. Now if they have no shame in taking it off, why should we feel sharam in admiring toned oiled chests? Sharam ko maaro goli. Check out the top five men who dared to bare.

Special Mention:
You know what’s so sad? That there is no good image of Farhan Akhtar without his shirt from Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara. And I just don’t get why there isn’t one. I eventually had to settle for this print screen image but even then, Farhu looks incredibly H.O.T. If it were possible to be any more desirable, Farhan has increased his hot factor with his shirtless act in ZNMD. He makes the cut but not quite and thus, receives a special mention this year.

5. Salman Khan
Is it possible to skip out on Salman Khan on a shirtless list? I think not. He is after all the godfather of not-wearing-shirts in India. This year we were literally gifted with one song in which he strips himself of his silky-satiny black shirt to expose his infamous chest. Sallu miyan is one lad who knows how to make the ladies go weak in their knees. His chest is by far the most popular in Bollywood. It could easily win an award of its own.

4. Ranveer Singh
In my opinion, he is one of the most overrated obnoxious wannabe actors of recent times. But there is no denying his newly exposed body. Not sure how he managed to work it so quickly but whatever it is, Ranveer Singh’s new hot bod has the young college ladki’s going fida over. Add to that his attitude, his sexy tan, a pretty bulgy package, and Ranveer is on his way to finding a huge fan following.

3. John Abraham
One of the only reasons to watch Desi Boyz and okay fine, even Force, this year was because it allowed us to look at a shirtless John Abraham. His acting is incredibly mediocre but this body, now that is quite a view. For me, it’s more Desi Boyz than Force which made me feel lightheaded. His stripping scene and pole action was quite the vision (read:sexy!). He can add hot chest to that perfect bubble butt of his now.
2. Arjun Rampal
He will and will always be a terrible boring substandard actor but Arjun Rampal hides a hot body behind his clothes. Lucky for us, we got to see a whole lot of it courtesy of Ra.One. He’s always been quite the fitness freak but it’s only now that we get to see Rampal exposing a bit more– he should really walk around shirtless a lot more. Abs, packs and muscle intact, Rampal sizzles. The movie is nothing short of a maha headache but his bare chest one reason to watch.

1. Hrithik Roshan
No one but India’s answer to the Greek Gods, Hrithik Roshan, can top this list. How on earth he is so fine, is beyond me but he does work out hard for that beefcake body. If it possible for anyone to get more toned, hotter, sexier as time goes on, then it’s Roshan alone. Besides him, there is really no other man in India who can walk around looking so darn perfect. He’s what I like to call, “Sex on toast…with extra butter.” Tell me you don't want him.

Guessing you need a tall glass of cold water? Go for it. As for me, well, I’ll have another sharam-free countdown for you to lose control over tomorrow.


babbi said...

hrithik is undoubtedly the best

babbi said...

hrithik is the best


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