Roshni Got Her Groove Back!

I've heard of people losing their mojo among other things. I, however, have never lost mine. Thankfully. But I did lose my groove this month. Never has writing been a chore for me. I'm no trained writer. Irrespective of whether I'm good or not, I write because I love to. And so when it’s painful to put words to paper, you find yourself rather shocked. So anyway, here I am after close to three weeks of being unable to write, and finally, praise the lord, finally, I've got my groove back. It made me realize to what extent I had taken my writing for granted. I mean I've had days where writers block has really hit me and how, but this time, it wasn't a case of being unable to pen. It was my groove damnit! It had mysteriously disappeared.

I sat down to question why it vanished for a bit and I realized that sometimes, life happens. You can get so bogged down by the nitty-gritty’s in life, that it affects every other aspect of your life to the extent that it can disturb you in ways you never knew. I’ve never had issues writing. For the first time, I doubted my own flair – one that I believed I’ve been blessed with via my Grandfather. It was last night that I thought to myself, “Oh no no no! No way will I let life hit me so badly that it will affect my passion!” No way José (as my Father would say). I went to bed early, after listening to my favorite Ganesha bhajan on repeat, assuring myself that tomorrow would be new day. Pep talk always does it.

But you know how it is. As quickly and mysteriously as it disappears, it reappears too. This morning after days of aching and scratching my head wondering why on earth the writing Gods had stopped bestowing their blessings on me, I woke up ready to rock n roll. Losing your groove is hardly fun. In fact, it's one of the most infuriating feelings in the world. But you know what, when you find it, it’s as good as finding treasure.

However, now, I can safely say, Roshni Got Her Groove Back Baby!!

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Sakhi said...

Ganesh - the Remover of Obstacles rode on that mighty rat of his and kicked all that rubbish out of your head about 'I can't write'! Glad he did it or else I'd have to get violent ;)


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