Political Sexscapades

Schwarzenegger: It's All About Loving Your Help
Politicians all over the world are champion chameleons. They start out as humble and noble as the pope; filled with a desire to change the world with clean intentions. And slowly (read: overnight) their colors change as evils like corruption and power take over their souls. In more recent times, globally politicians have taken their publically acquired authority and used it in ways that are simply put, sleazy. American politicians take the cake when it comes to abusing their power. Bill Clinton can easily be crowned the king of sleaze politics. While he was a successful world leader, he also managed to “lead on” his office intern as he indulged in an Oval Office romance. But courtesy of his innate charm and abundant successes as an American President, his affair was forgotten. To think his political power had nothing to do with the quick dismissal of the issue is plain ignorant. But that was eons ago now. In the last six months, a number of politicians’ and leaders’ secret lives have been exposed to the world which has caused us to question their mental and emotional health, how politics has a direct impact on power, sex and sleaze.

There is a direct correlation between politicians and power. As our politicians age, they find themselves well, more erotically charged not only by their desires but by their immense power. It’s although, they turn on the ‘Sugar Daddy’ charm, coddle in rather “juvenile” actions which result in initial rejection followed by acceptation and eventually, forceful resignation of their scandalous ways. It may be a psychological high. The idea of men in power being able to indulge in a number of scandalous sexy moments which they believe, they can get away with simply because they can hide behind a construed establishment. From fondling the hotel housekeeping to impregnating the help and even posting indecent pictures on Twitter, politicians have pretty much covered the every area of sleaziness possible. And there is a pattern. Every politician who has found himself amidst a sex scandal has not only bestowed with immense power but clearly believe that they are undoubtedly allowed to take advantage of their supremacy. But what surprises people is how unapologetic they tend to be. In fact, until they receive intense pressure from their “people”, wives and even the government, do they finally realize that a solid apology is needed in order to sterile their soiled name.
Strauss-Kahn: Desperate Times
Perhaps it is courtesy of the media? A politician today is as popular and coveted as a celebrity. Their every move is captured on tape. And they know this. Thus, the media very quickly gives leaders, celeb status which ultimately gets to their heads – pun intended. What this means is that living under a microscope/spotlight, they feel a rush – better known as power, and very quickly succumb to the devils that come with fame. Then there is the money factor. With funds literally at their disposal, politicians realize that in the case of an iffy situation, they can simply throw money at the accuser. Who isn’t hungry for moolah in this day and age? However, why the gentlemen in question, find themselves in deep water, is because the women they messed with, were not hungry for riches, but fame. These ladies realize that money will only last them X amount of time; fame, can promise them an income.
A man cheating is hardly a new phenomenon. When I found out my neighbors husband was in an affair with his secretary, I stood in shock for 30 seconds, shook my head and went on with my life. So why is it that we make a big deal out of a politician cheating or sexually misbehaving? Infamy. The minute a man is well-known all around the world, his life becomes everyone else’s business. Mind you, no one really cared about my neighbor’s husband. Not even the nosy elderly woman who lives upstairs. She did, however, go on about living in the “Dark Ages” when she heard of Schwarzenegger impregnating his housekeeper. What surprises me is how beautifully these sexscapades tend to take away from more potent and important issues that need to be handled throughout the world. All of a sudden, ensuring the I.M.F. Chief, a known womanizer, was put in jail for attempted rape became more important than creating jobs for unemployed Americans.
There is no justification for what these men have done; attempted rape, fathering illegitimate children and tweeting sexual connotations on Twitter to random women. But ultimately, it comes down to them abusing their power. And this is hardly a new trend. Historically, men in all positions of power have done “it” just as bad. Sadly, there is no scientific explanation, no genetic disorder, which can explain their overindulgence. It comes down to power overload. There is no escaping exploitation as a politician. It’s almost like overeating. Be ready to deal with severe indigestion, bloating and even belching. Once the acid kicks in, you are exposed. And in this case, no medication can save you.

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