Kiss, Kick or Slap: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

He is considered the most successful Indian Cricket captain. Naturally. Courtesy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Team India bled some serious blue and won the World Cup this year. And thus, we bow to ya a billion times. But erm, something went totally wrong with the otherwise pretty sharp MS Dhoni. With India doing rather averagely as they tour England, it was rather odd that MS Dhoni decided that after a peculiar run out, an English player should be called back to play.
This is how it went down.

Ian Bell was on the crease playing what is being deemed as one of his finest innings. At 137 not out, the last ball before tea break was bowled to Bell. The ball was hit and it seemed to go all the way to the boundary. At least the fielder, Praveen Kumar, though as much. He returned the ball back to the wicket keeper (Dhoni) who hit the stumps after the batsmen thought the over was done and were on their way back to the pavilion.

Confused? So am I.

Anyway, this confusion caused big time tamasha amongst the fans and umpires. It was during the tea break that Dhoni decided to withdraw his decision and allow Bell back to the crease. In the bargain, India went on to lose the match.
The critics claim that Dhoni displayed an incredible amount of honorable sportsmanship. The skeptics believe he made a grave decision. The fans claim there was no need for him to play Mother Teresa and question the likelihood of an Indian win if this hoopla didn’t take place.
However, the million dollar question is, what would Gabbar have done? Maar diya jaye ke chor diya jaye?

M.S. Dhoni: Kiss, Kick or Slap:

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