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Like most of Youngistan, I too happily lapped up Delhi Belly. And I oddly caught the film later than most. I heard of some claiming it was rowdy, housed far too many crassy foul dialogues and was far too unconventional. Mind you, these were other fellow youthful folks who I believe should officially be given the Dada/Dadi tag after making such old school comments. I took immense pride in watching Imran Khan go "down" on Shenaz Treasurywala (since smooching and making out has been mastered by our stars), in the farting and burping and freakin' loved the foul crassy language that was used throughout. But what does this mean for Hindi cinema? Does it mean we are finally realizing that people use the word "chutiya" regularly? That is is indeed a part of our daily lingo? Are we also finally comprehending that, believe it or not, people in India are having sex? The youth are no longer hiding in the rocks of various beaches canoodling but actually on a bed indulging in sexual acts. Get with it; it's happening.

But what is it about Delhi Belly that has everyone talking and shocked? In my opinion, it's the honesty. Finally, our writers and directors are realizing that no longer is real love all flippant and frills. We love watching Kajol running through a field of daisies into the arms of one rather dreamy SRK, but we also know that it will never happen to us; the regular junta. We do know that we are more than likely to date a guy who curses and abuses, possibly struggling to grow in his career, drinks, smokes but will keep us satisfied in the sack. Hindi cinema, doesn't ever, or rarely allows us to see a more modern side to urban relationships. Delhi Belly does just that while being as entertaining as it can be.

I just don't understand why a small chunk of the population - youngin's too, are so shocked by the film. Are you seriously going to sit there and tell me you haven't heard any of the foul language used throughout the film or that you've never indulge/heard of oral sex? Spare me. If you haven't, I suggest you get the f@&k out of your shell dahlings. And you can sue me for using the F-word. It wasn't as though we saw a full frontal people; that ain't happening anytime soon especially since some viewers could barely handle this much vulgarity!  The music too is a step ahead of the rest; it too is controversial, funky and freaky-deaky. DK Bose is still running, on my iPod that is, while I'm totally down to "shaking my biscuit". All said, Delhi Belly is headed the cult route.

Personally, I loved the crass, the filth and the profanity. Delhi Belly has vastly improved my foul language bank which was in dire need of some help to throw at people (read: irritating annoying wannabes we-know-it-all-but-really-don't-know-crap-about-Bollywood Desi blondes) who never fail to irk me regularly. And then of course, praise the lord! We finally have our first oral sex scene. I'm a proud Bollywood fan today; how we've grown.

Delhi Belly portrays the future of modern Hindi cinema at its best. And if you find it too much or too hot to handle, stick to the classics.

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Klash said...

I came by this blog accidentally when I was looking for reviews for Delhi Belly, and after I actually checked the movie out, I couldn't help but want to come back and comment.
I can't deny the fact that I liked the movie. I might even have enjoyed it. The beginning that is.
As with all Bollywood movies, there's an excess, of just about everything, and I can't help but wonder that this movie might have been so much better if it had been written as an evolution of previous movies like Dil Chahta Hai and JTYNJ (or whatever the acronym is).
Instead it tries to be something else, and I think thats where it really goes and shoves a firecracker up its own ass...

I'm a twenty-one year old male studying in the US (Engineering, go figure!). I feel I've lived a pretty savvy life so far.Based in the Middle East, and frequently visit India )-To me, the first twenty minutes held so much promise, mostly because it showcased that part of India that's hidden away behind a wall of protective parents and an ancient moral code.
I felt sex and 'hooking up was maturely portrayed. Especially the part where Imran goes down on his fiancee, was quite tastefully done (no pun intended). I imagine more Indian men would probably try this now since going down on a girl is officially 'cool' now!
Also the whole pictures with the prostitute part was also interesting, mostly because I found myself in one of those situations last year when I was touring Goa with friends from the US and I managed to grab a quick still of a couple street walkers fawning over my American buddy when we stumbled into the red light district. He promptly sent the pic from my phone to his girlfriend (back in the US) as a joke, and she promptly walked across the hallway of her dorm and slept with her RA. Quite funny actually.
I diverge, long story short, I felt this movie could have been something more than it was. The ideas were great but the execution was flawed.


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