Be A Shaitan!

There's a demon, a monster, a shaitan lurking in all of us. A side that is more us than we really portray to the real world. I know this; I've seen my shaitan side. And as much as she sits docile, (think dormant volcano burning with molten lava inside) it's a side waiting to erupt. Sadly, we are all pressure by society to curb our inner demons. We dress, sit, eat, speak and live they dictate. And why? Because apparently that is the right way to live. Right. Who made them boss again? These social dictators are the biggest assholes in the world, if you ask me. I agree, etiquette and manners, are important. But if I choose to live a life that is filled with corruption, who are they to tell me this is wrong? I find myself, a lot of the time, trying to fathom how people sit around and actually obey these rules. I live by a few and find myself caged, confined and claustrophobic. "Sex before marriage? Na baba na! That just makes you a slut," they say. "Live in relationships? Blasphemy,"  the others claim. In which book does it say that sex and living in with your partner is a no-no? I cannot, and I mean, CAN-NOT, stand non-conformers who sit and say, "Yes, yes, they are right." Uksi aisi ki thaisi. If we were to live our lives by social norms, we'd all become robots. I'm not saying we all need to get out there, do lines of coke, indulge in orgies and so on. Of course not. But giving in and living a veiled life is hardly the way to live.

We all have a bit of a rowdy side that wants to live, wants to experiment, wants to take a ride on the dark side. And as long as it's a quick ride, nothing wrong with a visit. And then you can always come back home to the boring subdued socially correct life you're used to. I'm not sitting here telling everyone to rebel. If you had to, you would have already. All I'm saying is, it's okay to experience your inner shaitan; to understand that it wants to be released. And as long as you know that there are times (and places) where who you are to the world can be put away so your inner demon can come out and play. Trust me, the feeling is almost orgasmic.

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