Baby Bachchan On Board!

Bollywood is abuzz with Aishwarya's pregnancy announcement. Some are ecstatic to see Bachchan Baby while others are already poking fun at Abhishek's "hit" and are hoping Ash will call it quits as an actress. I think I sit on the fence with this one. As much as I detest them as a couple, what khunaas to have with a bachcha? I am currently in wannabe-mama mode so I'm a ball of mush when it comes to babies. But yes, I am rather surprised that Abhishek finally "hit it" especially since he can barely do anything successfully in his life. And as for Ash, well I hope she does decide to throw in the towel as an actress (if you consider her one) and retire to be a mommy/homemaker/housewife/wife-to-wannabe-superstar.

To be honest, I'm rather concerned for Baby Bachchan. It is quite nerve-wrecking if you think about it. Baby Bachchan will be grandchild to superstar Amitabh Bachchan and acclaimed actress Jaya Bachchan and child to Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Before the child is even born, the expectations are sky rocking high. Not only will the child be envisioned to an acting superstar, courtesy of its heritage, from the minute it enters the world but is also predicted to be super beautiful courtesy of Mommy's genes. Sadly, Abhishek doesn't have much to contribute to his child. Okay that's not fair; a good head of hair is what Bachchan Junior can "give" his baby. That's not such a bad thing, eh?

What does a Baby B mean to the Bachchan khandan? Basically, a new generation of potential actor(s) is about to embark on Bollywood. Of course, you're talking another 20 or so years before we see them on the big screen - if they decide, that is, to get involved in the cine-blitz hoopla; which I believe they most likely will because it will be presented to them in a sone ki thaali and all that jazz. But via this baby, the legacy could potentially continue. Should they be worried though? Well, considering Abhishek's career is a dud while Ashs' is based on sheer beauty, that does make it rather iffy, no? One does hope however, that the baby doesn't inherit the plastic gene from Ash or the wannabe gene from Abhishek. We'll take a fully bred Bachchan baby versus a half bred, abundant in talent.

But all that will happen in nine months from now; until then here's wishing Abhishek and Ash a bubbly bouncy blooming Baby B!

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