Top 10 in Social Media!

I feel like I should have totally been a part of this class ages ago! I would much further in my goal to becoming a top-notch journalist. However, it’s never too late and over the last 11 weeks, I’ve found myself learning heaps! Take a peek at the top ten things I’ve learned thus far.

10. Social Media is a platform for everyone – age, gender, location, have no control over who and why you can get on board.

9. LinkedIn is supremely helpful and one of the most powerful Social Media sites.

8. It is important to divide your time between all forms of Social Media. While we all have our preferences, each is equally as important as it allows you to build a complete brand.

7. Keywords, keywords, keywords.

6. Each Social Media platform has its own purpose. LinkedIn is more professional, Twitter allows you to connect with people via 140 characters and Facebook allows you to keep in touch.

5. Complete it! Whatever your choice of Social Media, make sure you complete your profile 100 percent, it makes all the difference.

4. Apps! I’ve found myself using Apps for a number of reasons on all my Social Media platforms. Each of them have been different but effective and useful.

3. Go Mobile. Not everyone feels the need to indulge in a smart phone but really, if you do, you’ll find yourself always connected.

2. Connect. Whichever your choice of Social Media, the idea is to connect and while this doesn’t mean you need to be best pals with everyone, it doesn’t mean one must not network with people they do not know. Networking will help connect you from A to B and B to C.

1. You’re always learning the ropes. I don’t think anyone knows everything about any Social Media platform. Each one is constantly evolving and changing. This means that it is important to stay on top of things and educate yourself.

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