Curators - The Future of Journalism?

In response to Professor Weiss' Blog: Is Curation the Future of Journalism?

I had to really think carefully about the true meaning of “Curation” because to me, it simply looks like a lot of research that is put together. But from the comments above, I’ve come to understand that really a curator is one who is specialized in a particular field. So ultimately this would mean that a curator is a person who must commit to a particular area of journalism.

I think that curators definitely have a deep rooted future in the world of journalism. However, I don’t know how effective one may be since they are ultimately just accumulating information, meshing it together and creating a platform to gather information that is readily available to anyone who needs it.

I wonder also, how it works with being a journalist. For example, if I commit myself to a certain area in journalism, does it make me a curator? And what if I pen original work of my own? Do you need to choose between being a curator and penning original work?

Ultimately, yes curators are going to shape the future of journalism because they are so niche in what they do and it definitely does require a certain amount of expertise.


Mariana C S Rogedo said...

WOW... you are fast. You got the assignment today and you already post on your blog!
I have to say my idea of curation was limited of people who works as a curator in a museum. Now... reading shari's blog and also the 5 resources... i'm changing my mind.

Mike10613 said...

Curation appears to be a buzz word now in 'social media' circles; but it's not a new concept. Newspapers have had someone curate their back copies and lots of other information for over a century. What is new is governments and large organisations have recognised that digital curation is a problem. The curating of digital information can be a problem. the US government once archived a lot of information only to find the after the computer were upgraded from the cp/m operating system to a different system that they couldn't access the information. This is the important issue; compatibility. Information can be stored in other languages than English too and we have to have a way to access that information. We have to always be away taht systems change. I have had a lot of problems just changing from Windows XP to Windows 7; the change from 32 bit computing to 64 bit computing can mean information is hard to access or lost.

I hope that inspires you to understand the problems; I can't wait for 128 bit computers! :)

Gregory Stringer said...

@Mike is correct - current hot-button issue, but not a new concept. However, the need is greater now than it has ever been; I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago when I asked how we attenuate the noise in Social Media. History will demand that it be done in future generations, as we are now at the beginning. Both your and @Shari's thoughts are spot on.

crucialthought said...

I do not think you need to choose between curation and original writing. The point as you said is to use the expertise one has in that field to be able to have an original opinion that has some sort of validity.


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