I Wear India!

Since I sadly do not reside in India, I find myself gravitating towards anything that's everything that is Indian. I wear India. Literally. The idea of staying close to home works best for me when I adorn something Desi. It varies with what I'm wearing of course, but as the Desiest Desi girl ever, I choose to daily wear something that's Indian. No, I don't wear fancy outfits - c'mon, you can be Indian without wearing a dupatta daily. It's all about accessorizing, matching your jeans and tees with a little something-something that makes you want to bust a thumka to Desi Girl. More recently, after my sister came back from her trip where she shopped big time for moi, I found myself abundantly . Take a look and what's been going on with me and how I wear my Indianness!

India - Sri Lanka World Cup Final: You
know I was wearing my India tee
in style!

I love a good pair of kohlapuri chappals!

Lord knows I need as much peace (Om)
as I can get in my life! 

How hot are these? Love 'em!


rsmamidi said...

Good one RoshnI..

Vivek Nanda said...

Nice...Woman in Blue :)
Indian-ness INTACT, cheers !!

Aakaash said...

Adorable pics Roshni :)Truly the loveliest desi kudi.


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