Turning 28!

I had seen Turning 30, when it released back in January. At that point, I couldn't connect with the film at all. Yesterday evening, Mom and I indulged in movie night which included watching Turning 30. She hadn't seen it. Strangely, for the last few days, I had been feeling rather low and down. There are a number of things that was triggering the rock-bottom feeling but when I actually sat down to think about it, it was basically a time line deficit that was causing major agony to my emotions. This time around, Turning 30 made sense.

Turning 30 follows the life of a 29-year-old Mumbaikar who has it all. Love, career and great friends. However, a few days before her 30th birthday, her life falls apart. Boyfriend decides to marry a rich youngin', heinous boss discredits her from a successful project and basically, she is dreading turning 30 amidst her turmoil. Life basically takes a real turn for her from ages 30 to 31. She realizes love is not a feeling one can toy with, stands up for herself vis-a-vis her career and in the end, walks out a bigger, better person who changes her entire outlook on life.

Ironically, I had been contemplating my life at 28 on Friday. I sat and thought to myself, "Shit! I didn't think I'd be where I am today am 28!" I had other plans which needless to say, did not materialize the way it should have but basically and I cannot do a thing about it. Let's face it, we all have tentative plans in life. I remember being 18 with big dreams. "Partner in a Law Firm, happily married with at least one kid," I wrote in my year book when asked where I saw myself in 10 years. Looking at that statement now, I can't help but laugh. How innocent it sounds now. Forget the law firm part, I knew that was out the door the minute I decided I couldn't do years of studying; far too many books for me. But the "happily married" part, I believed. And here I am at 28, single and well, happier than ever! So I've achieved one 1/4 of what I wanted to do at 18. Look I have no issues being 28 and single. As for my career, well writing has given me the greatest joy in my life.

From Turning 30, I take away a sense of "yes, I can do it!" I realized that achieving your dreams, being happy and love comes not with age but with time. In the end, it will all happen for me: career, love and marriage. It didn't happen at 27 but it will happen. Be it 28, 29 or 30; it will happen.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Such a positive note for girls who think being single at that age is a bad thing. But this is soo encouraging! Of course, it will all happen, in perfect time!
Happy 28 Roshni! :)


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