Journalism + LinkedIn = Opportunities!

As a journalist, it is often hard to market yourself not because there is immense competition in the field but simply because a lot of the time, it is hard to find your bearings in the writing field. Scouting for leads, job offers or even full time writing positions, often becomes a dreaded part of the “to do” list. My own journey in this field has been such. When I started out, I had zero experience in any professional writing. All I knew was that I had some talent and thus, I wanted to exploit it. Now, if I had been smart enough to use the likes of LinkedIn, I probably wouldn’t have struggled so much. But what is it that LinkedIn offers to journalists that makes it such a viable and a run-to Social Media platform?


I’ve repeatedly claimed that creating a brand for yourself is essential. And this is in any field. But this is also the hardest factor to create. Generating buzz around yourself is often a hard tactic to master because being different in your writing style is just one of the many facets that are required to become an actual brand.

LinkedIn to the rescue: LinkedIn suggests to all journalists to use their medium and generate more coverage. In addition, using LinkedIn, you can add pieces of freelance work for potential editors to view as well as join interest groups. If used correctly, these groups can allow writers to “showcase” their understanding of journalism, interact with like-minded people and even bag new gigs.


I’m repeated asked to brainstorm and generate new ideas for articles. And while for the most part, this can be easy when writing about current events or profiling people, some editors want unique ideas that are pertinent to the times but yet different in perspective. Add a deadline to the problem and basically, it’s a major hassle.

LinkedIn to the rescue: LinkedIn is filled with groups and users who are filled with ideas that are literally unheard of. A lot of the thoughts are generated by “trending” topics are that are ongoing in the world and thus, make the idea not only current but different. Need more profound ideas? Ask users for ideas!


I’ve done a lot of interviews and every time it gets harder. Why? Well, because of the research. Information is always available courtesy of the Internet but it isn’t unique. It’s been read and read over and over again. Not only is it hard, but it takes time.

LinkedIn to the rescue: As long as you are connected to the user, it is amazing at the kind of information a profile can offer you. Everything you could have wanted to know is available via LinkedIn and so, you are able to develop better questions because of this information. And if that isn’t enough, then it is always a good idea to look up common, mutual connections and inquire about the person. This “warm up” will break the ice and allow for a more casual interview.

We know LinkedIn as a Social Media platform that basically is all about networking. But really, there is more behind just making new connections.

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