Desi Girl Talks Cricket World Cup!

March 6th, 2011:
India vs. Ireland

Last weeks overly stressful match between India and England gave me the flu. Okay so maybe the match itself didn't give me the flu but the stress from the match definitely added to the viral that eventually hit me last week. Alright, so it was the Indians versus the Irish. So you thought, oh easy two hour ka match. But really, the Irish weren't ones to be taken for granted. They beat their arch enemies, the English, last week. It was for this very reason that my Facebook status read: "Okay Team India, this SHOULD be an easy win... lekin tera koi barosa nahin. UFF!" I thought and thought for emotional reasons that I could feed the men in blue which would work as motivation. But what khunas with the Irish? So Dhoni wins the toss and decided to take on the bowling all in hopes to quickly bowl out the Irish. But the Irish were pumped and raring to go. I wonder if the fact that St. Patricks Day was on Saturday, had anything to do with their motivation. Anyhow, it seemed easy


*Hello Mr. Porterfield! Where were you hiding? While everyone was going on singing hymns of O'Brien, it was you who went on to score big! 75 runs on the board, mighty fine!

*Okay O'Brien, we were waiting for you. Kitna suna, O'Brien yeh, O'Brien woh. And yes, okay fine. You did impress.

*And Yuvi is Back! If for even one second, you doubted Mr. Yuvraj Singh, well all I want to say is teh teh phus! Not only did he come out to bowl like no other, 5/31 darlings, but batted in true Singh is King style. He hit and hit! 50 freakin' fabulous runs.

*Zaheer Khans 3/30 has to be mentioned because of his quick wicket in the first over. Love it when Z.K. comes out in full force.


*WTF was up with the pace of this game. It.Was.Just.So.Slow. The amount of times I yawned, was just not cool. Hmph. One tweeter even went on to tweet, "The pace of the game is so slow, Rahul Dravid got an errection." Hello, Dravid ke bare mein kuch nahin bolne ka, kya?

*Okay Piyush Chawla. This was your time to shine honey and what do you do? Bowl like a complete buffoon! What were those figures all about? 56 runs in your 8 overs with 2 No Balls! Chawla bhai, please sambhal ke. 

*Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai...Sehwag ka kya karenge hum? The dude can come out and hit a crazy knock against Bangladesh but boom! Out for 5 against Ireland. Sigh.

*What was up with the Irish using 8 of their players to bowl? Hello, that is more than half your team! Uff, yeh kaisa cricket hai? Baap re!

So yes, they won. Why no enthusiasm you ask on my part? Well, I expected the game to be over real quick. That didn't happen. And I thought we'd see some dhinchak shots. Woh bhi nahin. Sigh. Although I'll say this. I think the Indian team is finally realizing that this is serious stuff. Up until now, it's been all fun and games but hello, bhais in neela, please pull up socks. Next Sunday, India plays South Africa and they are no team to be taken lightly. But of course, they have the Netherlands to battle on Wednesday in New Delhi. Yet again, Dutch walon se kya dushmani?

Photo Credit: Santa Banta

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